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Technique elevates your character

Self-Tape 101 

with Cal-I Jonel
If you are an actor who is new to self-taping, an actor who wants to improve their self-tape setup or a parent of a child actor then this seminar is for you! 

Cal-I Jonel, an actor with a technical and teaching background will be leading this

seminar on how to self-tape using a mobile phone. 

What the seminar will cover: 
The purpose and reason for self tapes
Equipment needed to self-tape
Using phone camera's
How to set up your shot (framing, eyeline)


Tuesday 1st August at 7.30pm - 9.30pm 


over zoom



This workshop is for everyone but is aimed at actors who have less experience and/or confidence with their self-tapes. The workshop content has been approved by Emma Crompton who has worked in casting for over 10 years. 

What other actors say:

"I went from feeling so lost with self tapes to having a brilliant succinct checklist that made me feel so confident... and last year I finally booked my first tv credit" Lucy Avison

"a biiiig THANK YOUUU!! Managed to bag me first TV role, a lovely little scene on ITV drama 'Riches', and I know that a major reason for booking it is because of all your invaluable, second to none help and advice with auditions and self tapes. I'm so so grateful to you!!"

Tom Allenby

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